Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Savage Monster That Preys On Children

None are as savage as those that harm children, and in this arena America has shown persistent willingness to outrival all others.

What is dealt by America to children is not limited to the savagery of infanticide or the terror dealt by a paedophile, but an American monstrosity which ensures that the child’s torment continues for longer than the seconds or minutes in which a child is killed or the minutes or hours in which a child is raped; this last for every second minute, hour, day, month year of a child’s life.

Almost 67 years after America dropped nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japanese infant in those areas have a birth deformity rate of 1-2%.
But the Iraqi city of Fallujah has a birth deformity rate of 14.7%, that’s 1 out of every 6-7 births, so it’s not a wonder that young women are opting not to get pregnant.. There are other cities too, but it takes the lead.

America has found a way to make its nuclear industry more productive, by gathering it’s nuclear waste and turning it into extremely effective ammunition known by its oxymoron of “DU” Depleted Uranium Projectiles which I explained in my first blog.  

USA, as far as I know is one of 17 nations including Australia which posses DU projectiles, and Israel may have been the 1st in about 1975. UK has them also, and they have been used in Afghanistan and by NATO in Bosnia as well.
I don’t know that we Australians are guilty of having used them, but we do export uranium and are complicit as part of the Axis of the Willing in what has been done to these people and their children so we aren’t off the hook either.

I wish I were a bit of a wordsmith to stir some concern in others, but as the facts alone aren’t evidently enough to cause a significant and effective  socio-political uprising among the citizenry of the Axis of the Willing then I guess our hearts are just too damn cold.
If you aren’t ashamed of your nation yet, I hope you one day have the opportunity to explain why to your maker.

Even though I’m an agnostic; I’d like to leave you with this bible quote,
from the King James Version.
Matthew 18:6
“But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”


  1. Excellent post Kosta,
    not to mention the hell reaped on the vietnamese with agent orange, and the veteran's and their children now that still suffer from it decades and generations later still.
    your final qoute says it all.
    Cheers A13

  2. Hey Kosta,...Nice Post, I guess you could add Maralinga victims to your list. I think perhaps now that there are three of us in rothschalia that have eyes to see and ears to hear, we can start exposing our own evil connexions with the yiddish khazars and their influence over our political and social infrastructure.

    Funny that we are all Crow-eaters, haa...(Hi there A13, quaffed any Big Reds lately? We've been getting some interesting varietals from the Coonawarra, up here lately.)

    By the way Kosta, thanks for listing Hack The Knife, I rarely Post on that one, I keep it for "just in case'.

    Thanks again for the artwork.


  3. Thanks V;
    Blogger Damian Lataan
    is a crow eater too, from Verdun.

    I've only listed one of his bloggs as 'followed':
    Telling the History of the Twenty-First Century as it Really Is
    . He really is a seriously competent writer.

  4. HI Guys, I'm not in SA..god knows why statcounter and feedjit like to think that i am is in Darwin.Maybe the way the telstra network is arranged our adsl lines go through adelaide..why TF do get called crow eaters..been wondering about that? my hubby comes from there and he doesn't know either :)feel free to enlighten me :)
    Lataan writes some interesting stuff, I agree V very competent.
    and the reds...a nice shiraz last night from around there :) all quaffed.
    Cheers A13

  5. Hey Kosta,...Nice Link, I have added him to my list: A13, I thought all the beautiful, intelligent articulate women in Australia were South Aussies?! I'm surprised they haven't arrested you yet in NT, not exactly Oz's Intel' hub (grin)! The reason we are called Crow-eaters is because the bird on the SA Coat of Arms is a Piping Shrike (not a maggie!) and they are notoriously territorial particularly against Crows which they harass relentlessly, Crows rarely roost near Shrikes, huge mistake when they do, doh!


  6. Hello Kosta

    this is a subject I have done a few posts on and it is a heartbreaking subject.
    I don't like to see kids hurt, they are the future.

    These are from a couple of posts I have done on the use of DU and White phosphorous in Iraq

    First the DU

    Have you seen this? I had it posted at the blog previously.
    Not long but worth the watch.

    Sorry it took me so long to get over here and check the place out.
    I am humbled that you have taken the time to read at my place
    I generally stop in at the follow's to make sure all is well and no one is linking my blog to porn or any other scummy stuff

    I also linked you in my sidebar too :)

    Another Aussie?!
    You guys and gals are well represented in cyberspace for sure!

    Hey A13 and of course veritas :)

  7. Hullo Costa,

    NIce to see you piling in mate. I'll sling you in the list.

    As for children, the perps we're talking about already had their heads there, what with being satanists devoted to human sacrifice. As if they'd care about some rag-head kid a thousand miles away, when they've stood at the altar and personally slain infants and drunk their blood.

    The expression 'death cult' is not hyperbole.

  8. Dear Kosta,

    My name is Eli. I live in Israel, and like many Israelis and Palestinians, I struggle for peace in this tiny land. I comment here, since the blogger MERC doesn't publish my comments since I am a "Zionist" so I don't have the right of speak.

    I was shock to read your comment and realized that you call us, including me, ZioNazis. There is nothing on this earth that you can compare to Nazism. I almost sure that even the Greeks don't call the Turk people TurkoNazis. Phrase like this one is no more than pure antisemitism. This kind of phrases hurt the people here in Israel that want to promote peace. By doing so, you demonize people that all they want is living in peace and build their families in this holy land.

    Shalom and Salam from Israel and Palestine
    Best Regards
    (Full name and address will be sent directly to your email by request)

  9. "There is nothing on this earth that you can compare to Nazism"
    And there's nothing to compare to the Zionism Of the Askenazi.

    As 90% of those who identify themselves as Jews, the Ashkenazi are unique among Eastern Europeans.
    Claiming an uninterrupted although unrecorded lineage, or pedigree, going back 2000 years, whereas most of the world is uncertain of their lineage going back further than 100-200 years.

    This fanciful notion of pedigree is then imposed upon the Indigenous of this Holy Land, by those with fanciful notions who think that A God has granted them a perpetual leasehold.
    They ethnically cleansed entire Palestinian villages and continue to expand Israel's self-un-defined borders.
    Claiming that only those of their own bloodline is worthy of the land; If it's not fair to compare those Zionist Ashkenazis,to "nazis", then I don't know who is.

    The Zionists don't want peace, and never did, they just want Palestine.

  10. So you are nothing than a Middle Ages Antisemitic!! I have a lot to tell you about the Jewish History and the land of Israel but I don't have time now. I have to find little Christian child, slaughter him, extract his blood and prepare my Matzot for the coming Passover Jewish Festival. (Please, don't inform about me to the Inquisition).

    Have a nice day!!


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