Sunday, December 29, 2013

What's the Point of Talking?

“Why talk about it, when you can’t do anything about it; what’s the point?”
That’s the pearl of wisdom offered to me by fellow Australians. They have no time for certain issues. Namely issues to do with war, death, suffering, and general oppression to which Australia has contributed as part of the so called (by some) “Judeo-Christian “ coalition of the willing.

They like to call themselves compassionate, socially responsible, even philanthropic, but they couldn’t care less about an infant bent over a barrel by a bunch of lecherous brutes aided by or at Australian hands in a foreign land ; “Why talk about it, when you can’t do anything about it; what’s the point?”

Their brains are too busy, occupied with issues more pressing to them; but when something happens to them or theirs, they decry others for their lack of concern.
Issues more pressing to them, like; what’s for dinner tonight, beer red or white wine with the barbecue, should we tolerate smoking in public, who’s winning the football, the cricket, what’s on at the movies, what will we discuss at church on Sunday, real estate prices, petrol prices, what can I plant this month…. Anything but the children and adults that suffer so we can maintain our economic superiority. How I hope they get to explain their position to their God one day.
May the flash before their eyes in their final moments linger and linger and linger.

If only they would merely “talk”; but it’s evidently too much to ask of them.
If only they’d just talk; then the truth will out, and there will be no corner for these brutes to bend a child over a barrel unhindered.
But, “no”; it’s not to be; my fellow Aussies largely turn a blind eye and play possum; pretend the suffering child is not there.

They are very concerned for the well being of farmed chickens, and pigs and sheep and even racing horses, but that little child; well; bugger him. And so the brutes continue to do exactly that.
Well, my fellow Aussies; the bulk of you;  you’re “almost” as bad as those brutes; the only indignation you show is for  merely being asked to talk about it. It’s too great an imposition on you; that’s your attitude.

I guess psychopathy is an illness, an absence of empathy; but in a way you’re worse; intentionally avoid even looking into the suffering we cause to others or even talking about it. You are wilfully budding psychopaths.
Yep; you guessed it; you disgust me, and what’s your accusation against me… I talk too much; I’ve heard it before…. Wow, what a sinner I am.

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  1. Kalimera Kosti,
    Check out my new post and especially the link at the bottom to a pamphlet for distribution to the dumb and the dumber. Those of us who can think should, somehow, unite......


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