Friday, September 9, 2016

Alt-Right Cuck WASP-Like Borat Faction Jew Lead

There is a schism happening with birth pangs in one branch of the large online alt-right with some accepting Jews and another faction agreeing that there be No Jews. In the no-Jews alt-right, one branch (the Borat faction) seems to freely uses “antisemitic” terminology but curiously still has Jewish or Zionist figureheads and offers no substantive criticism of Israel or Judaism.

To use the language of the most significant faction of the online alt-right; they are cucked.
In fact the whole western world is becoming not only biologically, but: politically, militaristically, economically through usury,  and socially through media & education & even social movements like the alt-right; the whole system is as they say “cucked” (cuckold).
And it’s not the Muslims behind it, but in Christian terms,  in the one and only true spirit of Christianity through the words of Anti-Judaic Jesus Christ: it is the work of the “whited sepulchres”, the “Synagogue of Satan”.
There is NOTHING “Judeo”-Christian about it; even the Christian religion is becoming cucked, and most obviously in USA, the so called leader of the Christian world.

The leading faction of the alt-right’s intellectual drive although often intelligent, is like a Borat-esque comedy show.
They are like Borat (aka Baron Sasha Cohen), who’s condescending political message comes as a portrayal of an idiotic incompetent Muslim with murderous intent who frequently sings to “throw the Jew down the Well” while offering no purpose to a reasonable thinker or offers absurd justification. Just as Borat’s absurd critique song of Jews in this modern profit driven age, is that “they take all the money and won’t give it back”; their critiques of Jewish supremacism is either non-existent or at best laughable.

The alt-right’s frequent Borat-esque faction's leadership seen in a proliferation of avatars and promotion of memes in the form of parody-like so called “defenders” of a White European True Christian Faith; people like Herr Alois Schicklgruber (aka Hitler) who conspired to make a homeland for Jews with his 1933 Haavara Agreement, or the House of Saxe-Coburg Gotha (aka Windsor) as the ultimate "defenders" of the WASP faith with Circumcision as one of the oddities of the Royal Family, Kibbutznik Geert Wilders, or Donald Trump who wants to test would-be immigrants to USA for anti-Semitic beliefs: all showing a familial pedigree, albeit somewhat concealed, associated with the 13th Tribe. While the alt-right mockingly states "I’m a Jew and I’m Part of the Alt-Right (Trust Me, Goy!)", the Borat faction not only hops in bed with them, but some of them even look with starry eyed admiration to Millo Yiannopolis.

The alt-right Boratesque faction frequently hold up Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik as an iconic great white warrior of recent times. Breivik, the man who in his ‘Manifesto’ mentions Jews 324 times, and Israel 359 times and wrote

“So let us fighttogether with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists” also praised Geert Wilders (30x) and former Australian PM John Howard, and even the renowned Australian protector of child molesters Cardinal George Pell. 

On 21st July 2011, having been disgusted with Western subservience to Israeli interests, a group of Norway’s Workers' Youth League (AUF) protested in favour of of BDS boycotts of Israel, and the alt-right’s inspiration Anders Behring Breivik killed nearly 80 of them the next day, 22nd July 2011.

This is the alt-right Borat faction; look at their facebook pages, look at their internet political forums, with the depth of Borat, as laughable as a Seinfeld’s show critique of the “Soup NAZI” or an Alex Jones Show saying that the Muslims own Hollywood;  a bunch of misguided fools; lead by the elders of Zion.

Men learn from history, that men learn nothing from history.
As we once again enter times of turmoil and war in lands populated by Christian Europeans, with war lines this time not delineated by Zionist collaborating NAZIS and Jewish Zionist Bolsheviks, but this time delineated and shifted according to melanin count while Zionism is obscured from attention again, the benefactor will once again be the Jewish State as it was by WWI and WWII. 
Those that call themselves Jews won’t come out of it well either; their fear driving Phariseeic Talmudic leaders will be as finely cloaked as Lord Rothschild in the so called Star of David which has no Biblical origin apart from a possible identity as the Star of Remphan, and anti-Talmudic-originating-Christianity will need a miracle to rise again following it's recent Judeo-Crucifixion.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Alt-Right Hates Blacks Muslims Islam, Loves Israel & Askenazi

The very new online ''self identifying'' alt-right is either the fastest growing grass roots movement we've ever witnessed or it's a very well funded army of sock puppets.
People will note that the sudden appearance of ''self identifying'' alt-right websites primarily criticising Islam or Islamic identified countries; never criticise Israel, or make weak or tokenistic criticisms of Israel in spite of the fact that they are intelligent and articulate.

They are very big on biological determinism; generally considering the black man at the low end of the IQ and the white man high and most telling perhaps, that although they generally claim pride in their white European Christian pedigree, they often place the Ashkenazi Jew at the top of IQ and human achievement.

If my suspicions are correct, it should come as no surprise to anyone, as Jewish political engagement for Israeli interests is nothing new; particularly when it comes to those on Israel’s hit-list.