Monday, January 9, 2012

Ignorance Is Bliss: The Hatred of Wisdom

I see morons all around me, walking on the streets, driving cars, the radio and tv; morons whose heads evidently hurt when subjected to information.
Which is why I've been trying to keep my bloggs shorter.

The American Psychological Association has recently published some new research and evidently they’ve only just picked up on some cues which the dismissively named ‘conspiracy theorists” have known all along to be more than theory when they brand most of the population as “sheeple” who’s unspoken life motto is “ignorance is bliss”.
“The less people know about important complex issues……  the more they want to avoid becoming well-informed”

Naturally; being an American body the complex issues they cite don’t include geopolitical power struggles.  We’d [some of us] hope that people perhaps take some interest where the issue of war and killing children or even adults is concerned.
Don’t get your hopes up; don’t be the foolish optimist.

“And the more urgent the issue, the more people want to remain unaware,”

“Philosophy”  Greek “φιλοσοφία: φιλο : friend/love of, σοφία : wisdom

When people have been raised to think that “philosophy”  is exclusively the domain of just a few that choose it as a university topic, it’s not a wonder that “wisdom” is so removed from the sheeple.
It’s not a wonder that people can be and are lead to the slaughter or lead to slaughter others.

participants who felt most affected by the economic recession avoided information challenging the government’s ability to manage the economy. However, they did not avoid positive information”

The average sheeple/morons that haven’t looked outside the shadows on the cave wall; actually seek out reasons to reinforce their reliance on the master.
The ignorant, seek reinforcement of their ignorance.

Perhaps these learned psychologists will over the next ten years do another study to show that sheeple  actually become defensively indignant when offered information which conflicts with their ignorant views; something which I and any “conspiracy theorist” know, and Plato described over two thousand years ago in his allegory of the cave.


  1. Hey Kosta,...Excellent Post, your work is essential to the cause!


  2. Thanks "V" for your encouraging complement; but not as encouraging as your last blogg topic

    Watch this and: Let the revolution your hometown!

    Perhaps it's not a lack of brains holding people down so much as lack of balls.

    If someone does have a brain and dares to merely voice it loudly, then they jail him for thought crimes; as they've done to Brendon as a warning to the rest.
    But one day there will be a critical mass, and then there will be voting from the roof tops.

    vote from the roof tops

  3. And it's ashamed


    If Americans would research and know like i do.

    That US soldiers are in Afghanistan FOR get the Zionist/Jews Druglords their Opium Fields back.

    *Remember Afghanistan has 92% of the world's opium

    Americans would be furious and riot and protest and demand that the police stop arresting innocent folks that do nothing more than have a Pound of Cannibus!!!

  4. Just wanted to say I very much enjoy reading your blog views and links..Not so on side with some but others yes..still reading and figuring..I'm not educated..but I have a very open mind, a humane though process and a yearning to talk life with anyone like minded or not. So sick of typing and want to use my voice again..don't you? I'm Australian born to a French Mauritian father and Jewish French mother..Dad came here on a boat as a child..he went to war where it scared him for life..I have deep regrets that I did not spend enough time with him in his twilight can't ever get them back. So that's a part of me..I'll keep reading and hope to hear from you purely to enliven my brain..Yours truly, Mischelle Magrin.


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