Monday, January 2, 2012

Australian Immigration News: Australia To Recruit Foreign Troops

Well here's the long and short of it.

 "The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is looking to recruit foreign personnel from New Zealand, Canada, the United States and Britain.

The ADF hopes to attract overseas soldiers, sailors and air crew as well as specialists, such as special force officers, fighter pilots and submarine warfare officers with the sweetener of a fast-tracked path to Australian citizenship."

Having [arguably] proven them selves as willing to put their lives on the line for one nation and having further proven themselves as reliable in that nations service by earning themselves a promotion..... Australia will now accept them as reliably worthy of representing Australia's interests above all others and even place them in positions of higher rank with all the trust in secrets and strategy which it entails.

Obviously a political move by those among whose ranks we know there are many who's loyalties are tainted already.
What military would accept en masse troops and officers from other armies to place in positions of trust?
And not just in positions of trust, but in positions to guide us in areas which we perceive inadequacies; men who are apparently ready and willing to switch loyalties.

We have already filled our police ranks en masse with Brits and now we do the same with our military ensuring a strengthening of our bonds and Anglo-American mindset to the denial of our independence and Australian line of thinking. 

Consistent with our colonial heritage, we don't look toward home grown individuals to fill our ranks of those in leadership and power, but we accept and embrace authority from abroad.
 "Rule Britannia".


  1. just linked this article on my facebook account. it’s a very interesting article for all.

    Australian Immigration

  2. Danke Sorna.
    Hopefully my fellow Australians will also have their curiosity aroused.
    If it wasn't for the internet and other blogg comments, I wouldn't even have heard about it.


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