Friday, September 23, 2011

In English, Sorry Is Cheap; Try Not To Cry

Since The Axis Of The Willing engaged in an “Aggressive and Illegal War” (the NAZIs’ crime)  against Iraq in 2003, I’ve been reading continuously online, and it occurs to me that I haven’t seen many blogs saying sorry to “our” victims.

Oh yes, they are “our” victims; mine and yours.
We who boast a democratic existence, unlike those from a dictatorship, have a say in our nation’s running. We can petition, vote, demonstrate and demand satisfaction of our representatives in Government; as such we bear a responsibility for not taking action when our representative veers off the path. It is our responsibility to be diligent and aware of our political process. We bear responsibility for our nation’s direction.
We are culpable, by omission or commission.
They are ‘our’ victims. The Children of Iraq, and Afghanistan, and their elders.

Some of those whom I have witnessed on forums, on the odd occasion to have said sorry to a victim from Iraq for example, expecting but not receiving instant forgiveness but condemnation from our victim, have often become indignant at the absence of full acceptance of their gratuitous “sorry”.
They  think they are entitled to forgiveness even demanding it, upon rejection, they become abusive, as though owed something, as though they have been wronged.
The Chinese don’t often say ‘sorry’ and if you throw a ‘sorry’ their way, they can become even more offended if it’s not accompanied with some demonstration of sincerity, a gift, or some recompense of sorts, or it’s considered a ruse.
In Australia, and other Anglo-Centric lands, “sorry” is cheap; I don’t know if it shares etymological roots with “sorrow”, but it’s use is often not even associated with regret at all, it’s just a ruse.
We’ll push in front of you in a cue and say “sorry but” as we push. “Sorry to bother you but”.. “can you help me?----”sorry; No” “sorry I couldn’t make it” “sorry, but you’re not wanted here”.
I’m truly sorry for what this country in which I was born and raised has been complicit in.
I mean “sorry” not like we in the Anglo world typically mean it , but I mean it with ‘sorrow’ and shame.
I’ll keep writing my blog, and bashing people’s ears and get told to shut up frequently, I’ll write to media and politicians, and It won’t be enough. I’m sorry for being complicit in killing your child, and If you don’t forgive me; that’s ok, because in that situation, I don’t think I could forgive you either.

I’m about to publish, and looking over it; “Sorry” just doesn’t seem to cut it, no matter how I put it.
In honesty, I’ve offered you very little of nothing much at all.
This song video clip, although directed to the children of Palestine, I offer to all the victims of the Axis Of The Willing.

Try Not To Cry (حاول أن لا تبكي)

 Song Try not to cry by Sami yusuf ft Outlandish this song is a song of love to every child in the world especially the children in Palestine and children who face death everyday more than a once

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