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10 Years after September 11- will Muslims in Australia ever be (viewed) the same?

On the 6th Oct 2011 Justice and Arts Network and the NSW Young Lawyers Anti-Discrimination Working group/ Human Rights Committee; will present the first Anti-Discrimination Working Group forum.

From flyer...

“10 Years after September 11- will Muslims in Australia ever be (viewed) the same?”
"In Australia, many Muslims felt that their faith was also hijacked on 11/9/01"
“- and also found that being both “Muslim” and “Australian”  was increasingly questioned”
“In the 10 years since, how have your views and experiences been effected.”

Well there’s no doubt at all that being Muslim is increasingly questioned in many Western countries, ie with cynicism.

This question’s footnote is framed in a manner so as to remind us of the official and popular meme of an attack upon America’s  WTC & Pentagon with the use of aircraft hijacking by Muslims; and to “also” view the shift in Islam or the perception of Islam in that context.

The footnote is asking us to consider that Islam itself (thanks to the “terrorist”) OR  the perception of Islam (thanks to Islamophobes), like those aeroplanes was “also” ‘hijacked’.

Shouldn’t a lawyer at this “workshop” yell out "objection!" at the loaded statement, as nobody has ever been found guilty?
AT LEAST a technicality, I'd have thought.

So the footnote is premised upon the hijacking of aircraft and the subsequent attacks by people of the Islamic faith, and it can be read as asking the question, ‘have these terrorists’ also hijacked Islam?’
In this context, there’s one way to accurately rephrase this footnote while retaining it’s premise and all it’s associated imagery and still leave the readers with the same understanding.
“Muslims hijacked planes on 911, attacking the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon; have these terrorists also managed to hijack Islam?”

We’ll just skip all that and put it down to careless word choice; surely they don’t mean us to understand it as ‘Islam now being a religion exclusively for terrorists’,  and we’ll stick to the main question;

“10 Years after September 11- will Muslims in Australia ever be (viewed) the same?”

Attending this “workshop” will be
Dr Helen Szoke,  federal Race Discrimination Commissioner
Associate Professor Jake Lynch, Director of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Sydney
Randa Abdel-Fattah, lawyer, author and Muslim

Presumably the purpose of this workshop is to address with the hope of improving the recognised increasingly negative view of Muslims.
In order to achieve those ends, surely we’d need to expose and deconstruct those elements which have contributed to the negative view of Muslims and or Islam.

So who or what is it that has hijacked the public’s perception of Islam and Muslims?

We know that the Main Stream Media (MSM) is at least partly responsible for distorting perceptions by either omission or commission,
The MSM was culpable in failing to question evidence which  the whole “conspiracy theory” movement saw as obvious. The MSM played the tune of their corporate oil, finance, and military industrial complex overlords, as did most Politicians, and high profile intellectuals, academics and public servants; in most cases for no more reason than reluctance to jeopardise the catching of scraps as they fell on their plates

The general public isn’t given to understand the reality when:
we support terrorists, as we are currently in Libya
when terrorists like Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik are motivated by zionism
when we practice wholesale irradiating of Arab children
when stories of Iraqi’s throwing Kuwaiti Babies out of incubators are contrived to get us into war
evidence of USA satellite imagery of Iraqi troops mustering at the Saudi Arabian border, is yet to be revealed as it was promised

The occasional politician tries to speak up against the distorting of public perception and even policy.
Labor policy on the Israel-Palestine conflict had been "hijacked by powerful forces"

If occasion should arise for a positive angle on the Muslim position, then certain elements within Australia are quick to jump.
When Randa Abdel-Fattah appeared in the Australian Newspapers The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald;  the Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council  (AIJAC) evidently  kicked up such a storm
over an accompanying deceptive image of “children behind bars” that SMH and the Age no longer have the offending image on their website.

SBS TV has taken official steps to ensure that land outside of Israel’s Borders belonging to Palestine but occupied by Israeli (typically Jewish) “settlers”  is not referred to as “Palestinian Land” but as “disputed territories”… Parroting the hasbara (propaganda) line preferred by Tzvi Fleischer, editor of Australia/Israel Review, which is put out by AIJAC, a spiel preferred by the self proclaimed Jewish State also.

Emulating our British ‘cousins’, whose BBC even saw fit to censor the lyrics “free Palestine” out of a song.

Professor Jake Lynch also understands and acknowledges the harshness of  the “pro-Israel lobby” both in media, and in politics, describing it as the “chilling effect of the selective deafness practised by frontbench politicians in Canberra”

It’s not a simple matter to expose all factors contributing toward a negative perception of Muslim, but it’s all too obvious and easy enough to identify one significant factor.

Surely, Dr Helen Szoke: federal Race Discrimination Commissioner; don’t you feel it discriminatory for the Australia-Israel and Jewish Affairs Council, as according to Page 2 of "The Australian" Wed Nov 28 2007:
to have had a special American guest speaker by the name of Michael Ledeen at their functions telling Australians that they should be looking into the Halal trade because it's the clever place to look for Iranian sleeper cells.
ie.Michael Ledeen author of 'Iranian Time Bomb:The Mullah Zealots.

AIJAC no longer have reference to the Hallal thingy on their website. ... they must be running out of hard drive [wink]

Coincidently, while The Australian newspaper showed us how some people, including them and all of Australia’s media including ABC who ran with that story are promoting their narrative for historical reference, others are being hindered from speaking on unrelated issues because they have dared to question historical narratives. On the very same day in The Australian on Page14, with Swastikas and all, protesters at England’s Oxford University attempted to prevent David Irving from debating on the issue of free speech; they prevented 1/2 the ticket holders from getting in shouting “Kill Tryl’ (in reference to Luke Tryl, the President of the Organising body ‘The Oxford Union’.
Oxford University's Jewish Society President Daniel Bloch boasted, ironically in the context of this blog, how he received support from The Islamic Society.
What a shame Jewish groups aren’t so diligent when it comes to defending views which can muster sympathy for the other Semites’ causes.

Back to Michael Ledeen for a moment. AIJAC’s Ledeen is a ‘show no mercy’, ‘no holds barred’, full blown rabid frothing at the mouth Zionist eager to see full spectrum dominance.

Having worked under Lt Colonel Oliver North during the Iran-Contra Affair gun and drug running scam, Michael Ledeen understands how to get the job done, in this war against coincidently Muslim dominated Middle East which Dumbya Bush called a “crusade”.

“No stages. This is total war. We are fighting a variety of enemies. There are lots of them out there. All this talk about first we are going to do Afghanistan, then we will do Iraq… this is entirely the wrong way to go about it. If we just let our vision of the world go forth, and we embrace it entirely and we don’t try to piece together clever diplomacy, but just wage a total war… our children will sing great songs about us years from now.” Michael Ledeen

ps. Off Topic... Lt Col Oliver North is now a top foreign affairs advisor for the republicans, explaining the deal in opium laden Afghanistan... modus operandi?

Here are a few more of AIJAC’s conjoined propagandists.
Daniel Pipes, also an inspiration to Zionist Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik, who pays homage to Pipes 11 times in his manifesto, Anders quotes his Zionist brother
“The terms; Palestine and Palestinians are Islamic imperialist phenomenon. There is nosuch thing as a Palestinian people. Before 1948, they were referred to as Syrians. Therewas only Syria. The Palestinian phenomenon was created with the intention to justifyJihad.”
“My guess is that 10-15 % of Muslim populations around the world support militant Islam.”Daniel Pipes

Steven Emerson
Together with AIJAC,they promoted the belief that the Federation of Australian Muslim Students and Youth (FAMSY) is an offshoot of The Muslim Brotherhood, and that they have “been working assiduously to promote extremist aspects of Islam to the next generation of Australian Muslims.”

Professor Raphael Israeli
For some strange reason, in spite of their modus operandi, AIJAC announced they’d withdraw support for him, because his comments that Muslim populations could place Australia in jeopardy of violence were "both unacceptable and unhelpful and AIJAC cannot be associated with them."  and yet they still did manage to promote the xenophobic views.

That will do for now, I think you get the point, I’m sure you’ll find more here where I picked up the info about the good professor

Heaven forbid I appear antisemitic, but shouldn’t a federal Race Discrimination Commissioner show interest when an element within the Australian Community, along with their conjoined international corroborators, propagate and perpetuate myths of Islamist Terrorists.
Perhaps Federal Commissioner Dr Helen Szoke could ask for some insight  on this issue from “John Searle, the current president of the Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV), [who] will take over part of Dr Helen Szoke’s role at the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC) as chairman of the organisation’s board.”

It's clear to see that we have significant element within the Australian Community that Muzzle those who support Israel's perceived enemies; and they advance voices that demonise Israel's perceived enemies.

This is not only discriminatory, but the hijacking of an informed democratic process. ...... There's your hijacking!

Although this “workshop” is apparently meant to offer some antithesis to the perception of Muslims and or Islam; the panel is to address an issue which is framed to reinforce the assumption that Muslims alone perpetrated the killing of 3000 people on 11th/Sept/2001.
Exactly what those who oppose Muslims are saying.

So even though possibly billions of people around the world don’t buy the official narrative as to what happened on that day, including high percentages of Americans, and even with 911 (limited) Enquiry Commissioners having publicly complained that their investigations were thwarted: with a couple who have even written a book to that effect and one who has even used the word “conspiracy” although it’s context in this video is a bit clouded.

But our workshop’s ‘antithesis’ is to accept the same official government paradigm.
Let’s get our story right… Here’s the official 911 version.

I don’t know, I’m not a political tactician; but in my opinion, this "workshop" offers an opportunity to raise some tough issues and to expose opponents into a retreat.
IMO; some hard political blows need to be struck.
This "workshop" should not be permitted to denigrate the Muslim community any further than it has been.
The discussion should not revolve around the question of Islam being hijacked, but rather how the image of Islam as perceived by the West has been hijacked.
Any attempt to address this question with the view of improving must give consideration toward those that have contributed to Islam's denigration.
I understand that in normal politics, "diplomacy" is required, but in this case, I'd call anything other than a political attack "pussy footing", in light of what you're up against.

Enjoy the "WorkShop".
Wish I could make it.

I'm editing this blogg topic to include the following training presentation as an important demonstration of the institutionalised propagation of anti Muslim perception, not only swaying the public perception but that of Governmental apparatchik.

"Caption An FBI presentation titled “Militancy Considerations” measures the relationship between piety and violence among the texts of the three Abrahamic faiths [ the god's chosen people obviously coming out on top!!! ] As time goes on, the followers of the Torah and the Bible move from “violent” to “non-violent.” Not so for devotees of the Koran, whose “moderating process has not happened.” The line representing violent behavior from devout Muslims flatlines and continues outward, from 610 A.D. to 2010. In other words, religious Muslims have been and always will be agents of aggression."

"Which begs the question, why make such information public? The intelligence apparatuses will do what they are chartered or ordered to be doing – what purpose does such an outright big lie depicted in the FBI graph serve by making it public? Never mind the Christian Crusades; never mind Christian Zionism and Talmudic Zionism devastating Palestine to Iraq; never mind the World Wars which saw Christians killing Christians, and Christians killing Jews, all financed by the Jewish Wall Street and the Jewish banksters controlling the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States who sat in on the subsequent so called Peace Conferences to harvest the loot of the Balfour Declaration to orchestrate the Jewish State in Palestine in the name of Torah's god: “This country exists as the fulfillment of a promise made by God Himself.” [1] and “It is true God promised it to us. ... Our God is not theirs.” [2]; etceteras, who would buy into such an outright big lie in the West today? The majority of its public who 'United We Stand' with absurdities! This includes all the Muslims who stay silent like their Western counterparts, and labor under the same or different misconceptions."

"Those who do not understand the psychological basis of doctrinal warfare, fear-mongering, and uncertainty-creation as essential ingredients of psyops and mass persuasion techniques for creating “revolutionary times” [3] as the most effective means of changing the lifestyle of an entire people, will never comprehend such matters" 
For greater insight into these extracts, please read: FBIMuslims and Militancy Considerations --- Heads up By Zahir Ebrahim

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