Sunday, September 4, 2011

Libya: Malcolm X: Barack Obama is a House Nigger

Although I feel an inclination toward reticence on the use of this word, I feel Barrack Obama in light of his actions is worthy of the title “House Nigger”.
The word “N” is an extremely derogatory term, particularly in America as I understand; as it is reminiscent of it’s common use during slavery.

A former American National Treasure, Malcolm X, once described with powerful oratory exactly who the house niggers were and how they still exist to this day.

NATO intervened with aerial attacks on Libya led by France and USA which has Barrack Obama as Commander In Chief.
Libya’s until recent 42 year reigning President Muammar Gaddafi has been no saint; yet he took power with a country in ruins and did manage to fulfil his promise of housing everyone leaving his own parents to last, making a river right across the dessert, increasing literacy rates to over 85% and providing hospitals; although to many Libyans he had more than overstayed his welcome, he’d become a dictator.
The United Nation’s own Human Development Index placed Libya above all other Countries in Africa, and other countries including Indonesia, India, China and Russia.

Under an American President’s support once again, “Blacks” are being lynched.
He can’t plead naivete, reports have been coming out for some months now, in US and other Press; that the so called “Rebels” whom Obama supports have been killing Black African immigrant workers and students.

What is USA doing???, not only releasing self admitted “Al-Qaeda” but also arming these “Rebels” with direct links to Al-Qaeda and giving them not only weapons but even giving them air cover.

The killing of Blacks, thanks to Obama, is getting worse

and it’s apparent that Obama isn’t too concerned with the lynching of some blacks, perhaps he’s eager to be a good house nigger and doesn’t want to appear “too African” because he’ll need all the white votes he can get in the next elections, as the first of link in some following readings suggests.
God Bless Malcolm X
I’m a field Negro

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