Saturday, November 12, 2011

No Good Man Does Nothing and Permits Evil to Flourish

Are you one of the many people who are willing to "sell their soul", so to speak;  or, for the crumbs on their plate they are willing to go along with a nefarious plot without even concerning themselves as to their master’s intention or to the outcome.

"Evil" men don't need co-conspirators, they just need no questions to be asked.
“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” This often cited quote attributed to Edmund Burke is perhaps too kind. 

“Too kind” because no “good man” stands aside and permits evil to be perpetrated unhindered.

Like the many ‘hypocritical scientists the worldover’ with their “pursuits in discovering sciences and inventing technologies which end up having detrimental long term impact on society.”
Take Dr. Eric Fossum, Professor of Engineering in Dartmouth’s Thayer School, at Yale University. He’s the inventor of the CMOS imaging chip, the “camera-on-a-chip” technology which is used in cameras, web cams,, and many others of use to big brother with his ever pervasive CCTVs.
Here’s what he had to say on his feelings toward this technology he’s developed, to a group of up and coming scientists.

“You know, is that a good thing? I don’t think so. I feel like it’s an invasion of my privacy.”
“I don’t really like this application of my technology. There is nothing I can do about it, I have now unloaded that on you, so thank you.
We’ll get back to the science and technology now, but I hope you also worry about these things and I especially hope you figure out what we are gonna do about this in the future.” (time 0:20:30) — Dr. Eric Fossum, October 2011.

He wasn’t a “good man doing nothing”, he was facilitating what he recognises as a detriment to society for crumbs on his plate or possibly for mere recognition and applause.
If you are a voluntarily enlisted member of the armed forces facilitating the horrors committed against the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, taken to fight and kill on trumped up charges against that nation, then as a big boy you should clearly understand by now that the master you serve is of ill intent toward these people for empire’s interests primarily, and perhaps, just perhaps, you are at best merely an ignorant “good man” permitting “evil to flourish” .

If you are a student of nuclear physics; just who exactly do you hope to serve when you graduate? A specialist in radar technology perhaps.
A good man would ask if he is permitting evil to flourish.
And that applies to all members of our so called “democratic” society who sit back and permit evil to flourish. That’s not what a good man does.


  1. Hi

    Quite a blog you have there. Can I ask you your motivation behind posting what you post?

  2. Salam Alaikum to you
    Finally a comment.... I accidentally deleted the first.

    I've read your blogg "christmas eve ponderings" and the 1st thing that came to mind, after a little disappoint in your apparent advice to your fellow Muslims to avoid "Salams" with "kafirs"... was my wondering if perhaps you failed to heed your own advice?
    You did after all "greet" me with "Hi" [short for hello آلو ]

    In answer to your question.
    As a member of a supposed democratic society which has made war on others I feel shame; obviously because I feel a sense of culpability and as such I feel an obligation to do something.
    Something close to nothing I suppose.
    Blogging and perhaps post a few youtubes, and bashing people's ears whether they want to hear it or not daily, writing a few letters to media and politicians to no avail.

    Even though I'm a "kafir" believe it or not; I do care. At least I'm doing something and I'd put it to you that I'm doing more than some of your fellow Muslims, and further I'd put it to you that some of those who call themselves your fellow Muslims are doing their best to sell their brothers for a few scraps on their plate.

    Perhaps we are more alike than you think.

    Anyhow, here's some complimentary ammunition for you.
    Send this video of Bethlehem, birthplace of Jesus, to some of those so called Christians [in name only] that also sell their brothers for scaps on their plate.
    From my youtube channel Christmas In Bethlehem

  3. My blogg is not called christmas eve ponderings. That's a post I posted last year on 24th December 2010. I have made it a sticky and shot it on the top considering the time of the year now.

    Secondly, it is the command of my Prophet and the teaching of the elders of my ummah (Islamic nation). Thirdly, it states clearly "as a mark of honor" which needs such an intention. Fourthly, the "salam" is an exclusive Muslim greeting by Muslims, for Muslims. A "hi" or "wazzaap" is NOT a salam. Fifthly, I am not forbidden by Islam to appreciate some human goodness. I saw your blog and was quite happy to see that at least as far as the material and political worlds are concerned, there still are people who haven't lost all sense of sanity and decency. Hence my ice-breaking with a "Hi".

    Thank you for explaining the driving force behind what makes you post on your blog, although I find it amusing that you actually bother to write to the media and politicians. Perhaps you have hope that maybe just one person somewhere might have a living conscience and would heed some advise.

    I see where you're coming from with your talk on caring.

    I believe you a 150% when you say some of my own Muslim brothers are least bothered or take all the wrong steps and play right into the hands of the empire.

    Furthermore, I honestly do believe you 500% when you say some people claiming to be Muslims are doing their best to sell me and my brothers and sisters for a few scraps on their plate.

    My beloved Prophet has said that his ummah's affairs shall be excellent as long as two classes of people are excellent and they shall be miserable if two classes of people are miserable. These two classes of people are - [political] leaders and [religious] scholars.

    These are sad sad times for us Muslims. The debauchery of the leaders is well known to us and I assure you I am well on the ball with this one, as are quite a few practicing Muslims. That they play into the hands of these leaders and the empire that controls them, despite having good intentions, due to lack of foresight on just how far the empire's tentacles have reached into its evil pursuits, is another matter.

  4. Nonetheless, the people are at least aware of the debauchery of the leaders, even if they are rendered impotent to do something about them.

    However, the true swine in the skin of lambs that have come up in this post 9/11 era are some of our so called "qualified scholars of Islam". They are worse than the leaders who have only sold our lands and fields and the corpses of our children and the dignity of our women! These people have sold our very faiths and identities! These hypocrites pretending to be scholars of Islam, are trying to eat away our Islamic identity, creed and fundamentals right from its very roots.

    My whole blog is dedicated to refuting THE CONCEPTS espoused by such swine in the skin of lambs.

    Perhaps as men, we are equally or identically cynical of the material/political world we live in, but in a manner of speaking you are a luckier man than me. At least you get to point to the swine in the skin of lambs by name, in as much as the political spectrum is concerned in the material world. Although my guess is that you too would be labeled an idiosyncratic psychopath by those who do not wish to see your narrative, because it challenges the very foundation of their "democratic" creed.

    I do not enjoy that luxury as far as pointing out the swine who claim to be "qualified scholars of Islam" by name - is concerned. Why you ask? Because these people have near iconic status among the Muslim masses. If they are mentioned by name, I or the few Muslims (scholars or commoners) who recognize them, will barely be read/heard. Therefore, all I can do is refute the concepts they espouse, based on the interpretation of the Quran and Sunnah that is offered by the scholars of the classical era of Islam, who are universally accepted by ALL Muslims. However, the corpora of knowledge left by these classical scholars is in Arabic, and the western Muslim is quite blissfully unacquainted with it. Hence, the swine claiming to be Muslim scholars mislead and misguide the masses as easily as taking candy from a baby.

    It is quite a bizarre situation. A lot of the shaykhs of the Muslim world are like the popes and priests of medieval Europe and further bizarrely, their strings too are pulled by the same forces in Europe, either directly by their masters, or by their puppets installed as 'leaders' in the Muslim world!

    Anyway, the bottom line is I appreciated your open-mindedness, objectivity, lack of bias, and the courage to challenge the status quo (even if only on a blog, as is the case with me too) in regards to the material and political world.

    I pray to Allah to help you maintain your analytical focus, and unbiased objectivity and guide you to the truth of Islam, in matters of religion too. For there isn't a greater victory than dying in a state of acceptance by The One & Only Creator of the universe.



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