Saturday, September 3, 2016

Alt-Right Hates Blacks Muslims Islam, Loves Israel & Askenazi

The very new online ''self identifying'' alt-right is either the fastest growing grass roots movement we've ever witnessed or it's a very well funded army of sock puppets.
People will note that the sudden appearance of ''self identifying'' alt-right websites primarily criticising Islam or Islamic identified countries; never criticise Israel, or make weak or tokenistic criticisms of Israel in spite of the fact that they are intelligent and articulate.

They are very big on biological determinism; generally considering the black man at the low end of the IQ and the white man high and most telling perhaps, that although they generally claim pride in their white European Christian pedigree, they often place the Ashkenazi Jew at the top of IQ and human achievement.

If my suspicions are correct, it should come as no surprise to anyone, as Jewish political engagement for Israeli interests is nothing new; particularly when it comes to those on Israel’s hit-list.

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